Who we are

In a land rich with almost ten centuries of winemaking history, our winery stands out because it restored grape farming to a corner of Conca de Barberà from which this practice had disappeared.

The Vega Aixalà winery is a family dream that became a reality: we founded it in 2003 after recovering and rebuilding our grandfather’s old vineyard on the outskirts of Vilanova de Prades. From a young age, we grew up watching how wine was traditionally made, and coming back to this project has both changed our lives and returned us to our roots.

Our vineyards are located 2,800 to 3,000 feet above sea level, in a stark landscape made of “llicorella” (slate) and beautiful natural surroundings, with a continental climate. We hand-pick our grapes and our process is truly artisanal: we create high-quality wines with personality, wines you’ll fall in love with. We produce limited-production organic wine and natural wines.

We are artisans:

We respect the vine, the land, and the time required to achieve a unique result using traditional methods.

We do not use any chemical products, artificial fertilizers, or laboratory plant protection products.

The best techniques from the past to enjoy the best of the present:

We have opted for aging in amphoras and oak barrels to enhance the personality of each of our wines, while intervening as little as possible.

Consistency is what defines our project. Our ancestral sparkling wine is a reflection of our natural wine philosophy: it has a single fermentation, since it is bottled before the alcoholic fermentation is complete. The disgorging takes place later, to remove the sediment remaining in the bottle from the fermentation. The loss of product from the disgorging is supplemented with wine. That’s it.

We love the land and everything it gives us: introducing our extra virgin olive oil, produced with olives from our family farm that has been around for generations. These hundred-year-old olive trees are rainfed (no irrigation), and we seek to achieve the best quality EVOO: after a short pressing, we extract the oil cold, using the ancestral decanting method to clarify it. It is not centrifuged. This process lasts about 18 days. The result is an intense and aromatic extra virgin olive oil, which we are very proud of!

This ONLINE STORE is designed to make it easy for you to discover the wines and olive oil that we are so proud of. We hope you enjoy it!

Our wines

Our wines are the result of the special environment where our vines are grown and how much we care for them.

The Vega Aixalà estates are located on the outskirts of Vilanova de Prades, surrounded by three mountain chains: Serra de la Llena, Serra de Prades, and Serra del Montsant. The estates enjoy a special microclimate, since the mountainous ranges create a natural barrier against rains coming in from the coast, regulating the area by preventing excessive humidity and facilitating organic farming. 

The combination of the altitude (between 2,600 and 3,000 feet), the terrain made of slate, and the continental climate with little rain makes our wines extraordinary.

Producing natural wine has its risks, as we do not add sulfites, filter, or use any type of chemical products. It’s hard work and requires patience: we are artisans.

Check out our vineyards and you will understand what makes our wines so exceptional.

Conca de Barberà D.O. wines

Organic wines with Conca de Barberà designation of origin

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Natural wines

without additives

Unfiltered, CCPAE-certified wines without additives

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Ancestral sparkling wine

Pétillant naturel

Our sparkling wine made with the “ancestral” method

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Our wineyards

In a place like this, how can you not feel a passion for life and love for the earth?

In order to maintain a high level of biodiversity on our estates and preserve their natural resources, we do not use any type of herbicide, pesticide, or insecticide in our grape farming. We aim for excellence when producing our wines and put all of our effort, dedication, and love into the process.

The harvesting of our 25 acres is done by hand, using a highly artisanal process in which we respect the unique characteristics of our vineyards and our land. All of our wines are made organically.


Click on the photo to see the webcam of our vineyards in real-time, with minute-by-minute updates.

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