We started to live our dream in 2003, recovering and starting cultivating our grandfather’s old vineyard, the one in which vines were grown during our childhood, the one in which we remembered having made wine in the traditional way many years before. We progressively expanded the vine growing area until 2006, finally reaching our current 10 planted hectares.

We stood up for this land, because it is the cradle of our family but also because we knew it is a very special place to grow vines.

Our vineyards are located at nearly 900 meters above sea level on the steep terraced slopes of the Montsant mountain, in a wonderful landscape surrounded by Serra la Llena and Serra de Prades (Catalonia).

Grapes are nourished by this unique slape soil and its dry and continental climate, with low level of rains and extreme temperature variations between day and night.

Grapes are carefully grown, selected and hand-picked, fully respecting the land and a 100% organic agriculture, in order  to  produce an unforgettable and unique wine.

Our wine is the fruit of an exceptional soil, a delicate and respectful work and a huge human effort.

Vilanova Vins, SL
Carrer de la Font, 11
43439 Vilanova de Prades
Catalonia (Spain)
(+34) 636 519 821
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